Sense of Duty

The tradition of military service runs deep in Mississippi. More than 20,000 men and women in Mississippi serve in the military on active duty or as civilian personnel. Another 17,000 are members of National Guard units or reserves in the US Armed Forces.

Mississippians have served throughout the state’s history. Even before statehood, militiamen fought for the United States in the War of 1812. Mississippians—Black and White—shed blood during the Civil War. Hundreds of thousands of Mississippians served in World Wars I and II. Men and women defended the US in Korea, Vietnam, and the global War on Terrorism. This gallery honors the military service of Mississippians past and present.

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Mississippi Armed Forces Museum

Mississippi Armed Forces MuseumHonors the service men and women who served in all branches from Mississippi

Building 850
1001 Lee Avenue
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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Camp Van Dorn World War II Museum

Camp Van Dorn World War II MuseumThis training camp for soldiers is located in Centreville, Mississippi.

138 E Main Street
Centreville, Mississippi

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