Director's Note

Welcome to the Museum of Mississippi History! Our expansive, state of the art facility is almost ready for you.

We are preparing a dynamic and truthful history museum experience where you will engage with a diverse collection of artifacts, images and stories that reflect our 15,000 years of complex history, challenge stereotypes, lift up voices, highlight heritage, and celebrate progress.

We see the Museum of Mississippi History, paired with the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, as a campus that will become your favorite space to explore and appreciate our state’s history and your favorite space to engage in dynamic conversations, spend time with family, meet new people, educate students, and send visitors curious about Mississippi.

Our opening on December 9th is just the beginning of our story.  We know parts of the museum will resonate deeply with your personal memories and experiences, and we hope to encourage you to share your stories with us so that we can continue to preserve and present your Mississippi stories for future generations.

Till then,

Rachel Myers